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Standard and executive vehicle rentals are the finest form of transportation within the UK for groups of 16 to 83 passengers. Standard vehicle hire provides a cosy and laid-back ambiance when money is a primary consideration. The ideal option for a corporate day out in the UK is an executive vehicle if you need to carry more clients or staff. Up to 83 persons may ride in first class on this aircraft. Executive coaches are available in a variety of configurations, and the coach Hire Oxford team is here to help you find the executive vehicle option that best fits your needs and budget.


Renting a coach has the following advantages:

Convenience: vehicles are perfect for group outings, events, and activities because they are built to accommodate huge groups of people. Instead of coordinating multiple vehicles or using public transit, you can travel as a group by renting a vehicle Comfort: vehicles frequently provide extra amenities like comfy seating and air conditioning that can make the trip more enjoyable for everyone.Economical: Depending on the size of your group, renting a vehicle can be less expensive than hiring multiple cars or purchasing individual bus or train tickets.

Our Services:

Professional driver: If you are unsure about the area or would prefer to relax, several vehicle rental businesses provide the option of a professional driver.Versatility: vehicles can be used for a range of activities, such as business events, school excursions, and airport transfers.Overall, hiring a vehicle can be a simple and affordable way to move a sizable number of people, as well as a means to improve the comfort and enjoyment of your journey.

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Book a vehicle from Coach Hire Oxford:

Coach Hire Oxford provides a wide range of vehicles for all kinds of outings, such as those for sports teams, religious organisations, business trips, and school outings. We have 83-seater, 59-seater, and many other cars for your convenience and to guarantee that your trip is enjoyable and secure.


Hire a School Coach from Us:

If you’re wanting to charter a school bus or vehicle for a day trip, a regular route, or a protracted tour, you’ve come to the right location. For every school excursion, we can provide the appropriate coach or bus with seats for 16 to 83 people.Safety is the most important factor in any kind of transportation, but school buses are given top focus in this area. All drivers undergo a DBS check and receive specialised training to deal with the unpredictable nature of young children in addition to satisfying strict safety criteria.The solution offers every conceivable amenity for reliable and secure transportation. The Coach hiring Oxford solution is affordable since it complies with the requirements for a school bus and coach hire and offers the financial advantages of a full school term or year contract.In addition, we provide transportation for a wide range of intriguing school outings. Thanks to our partners, we are now able to give you discounts on some of the school outings that are listed below.

Our coaches have great leather seat coverings, are spotlessly clean on the inside and exterior, and are equipped with the required seat belts. Our bus drivers are trained and aware about all destinations and the quickest routes, so we can save you time so you can spend it having fun with your friends at various spots. We prioritise your safety while

In comparison to other coach rental companies, we provide competitive price.Wide selection of vehicles: We provide a variety of coach in various sizes and configurations. If you want to get the greatest coach, just call our service staff at Coach Hire Oxford. We genuinely work for our customers only. People can book a top-notch coach from Oxford based on their needs. Oxford helps to offer the newest and most up-to-date variety of coaches.

We may provide a driver for you as part of our service in addition to the coach. You can hire a coach with a driver, which means we provide a coach and a driver. It’s unlikely that you’ll find a coach rental company that offers rentals for such a low cost as ours does.

We provide experienced drivers who are familiar with the needs of clients who want to unwind during the trip or who are unfamiliar with the neighbourhood.Good customer service: We are known for offering good customer service, which distinguishes our business from competitors.

We can handle last-minute reservations or specific requirements, which makes our business better for clients that require a dependable and adaptable transportation service.Interact with foreign: The Oxford Coach Company provides a fresh selection of coach, and we have enough staff to handle every customer. Only employees with extensive experience and knowledge will be employed by our Farnborough service to interact with foreign clients.

Finding a company online that provides regular, executive or luxury minibuses in Oxford and the UK can be difficult. But at A Class Coach Hire we have a great selection of minibuses with up to 18 seats. To learn more about our minibus rental services, click on the links below:

How do you employ a Coach from us?

Visit our Get A Quote page once you’ve decided on a coach for your trip, travel, or other needs.The first choice is One Way, where you choose your pick-up location, pickup date, and time. Our driver will pick you up at your place at the specified time and deliver you to your destination.The second option is Return, in which you choose your pick-up and drop-off locations as well as the pickup and return times. Our driver will pick you up at the designated site at the appointed time, drop you off at your destination, and then return to pick you up.After making your selections based on your needs, submit a booking request, and we’ll locate you right away.

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